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About ZP PPS

Association of Employers Polish Spirits Industry (ZP PPS) is a voluntary, self-governing, and self-financing industry organization. It is the largest representative of the spirits industry in Poland, accounting for 90% of the spirits market and representing both international corporations and small and medium enterprises.

We focus on the following areas of operation:

  • fostering conditions that are conducive to the development of the spirits industry, both domestically and abroad,
  • working together with public authorities, the academia, and NGOs,
  • ensuring recognition of and respect for traditional manufacturing methods,
  • promoting responsible consumption of legal alcohol.

Since 2008, we have been organizing social campaigns and engaging in educational efforts to prevent irresponsible alcohol consumption.


Our mission is to support the sustainable development of the industry, so as to have a positive impact on the economy and agriculture. In cooperation with our social partners, we want to promote responsible alcohol consumption among adult Poles. We want to create a positive image of Polish spirits both in Poland and abroad, and uphold the centuries-old traditions of spirits manufacturing.

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