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Alcohol policy

Producers and distributors of spirits drink associated in ZP PPS take their role with regard to promoting responsible alcohol consumption very seriously. This is why since 2008 they have been investing in social and educational campaigns and actions organized by ZP PPS. The purpose and objective of these actions and campaigns is to reduce harmful alcohol consumption.

Alcohol policy in Poland and worldwide

In Poland, the two key entities in charge of alcohol policy are the Ministry of Health and the State Agency for the Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problems (PARPA). The tenets of the alcohol policy are outlined in the National Health Programme 2016-2020.

The functioning of the spirits industry, and in particular its socially-oriented aspect, is also heavily influenced by documents issued by international organizations such as the World Health Organization and the European Union.

The key documents in terms of alcohol policy are:

  • WHO global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol 2010
  • WHO European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol 2012–2020
  • WHO Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs 2013–2020
  • EU Strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol-related harm 2006-2012

Economic operators in alcohol production and trade are important players in their role as developers, producers, distributors, marketers and sellers of alcoholic beverages. They are especially encouraged to consider effective ways to prevent and reduce harmful use of alcohol within their core roles mentioned above, including self-regulatory actions and initiatives. They could also contribute by making available data on sales and consumption of alcohol beverages.

WHO global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol 2010.

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