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History of the Association

The origins of spirits industry organizing in Poland go back to 1921, when the Chief Organization of the Spirits Industry in Poland (Naczelna Organizacja Przemysłu Spirytusowego w Polsce) was established. After World War II, there was no place for a self-governing spirits industry organization with the centrally-managed economy. All spirits manufacturing entities were combined into one organization, named Polmos after an abbreviation from the official name: National Spirits Monopoly (Państwowy Monopol Spirytusowy).

It was only after Polmos was divided into smaller units (in 1992) that the governing bodies of the newly (re)created businesses decided to reactivate an organization that would serve to represent the industry. The efforts led to the establishment of the National Spirits Processing Council (Krajowa Rada Przetwórstwa Spirytusu - KRPS), which formally became operational in May 1993 as a part of the Scientific and Technical Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Food Industry. Initially, the Council’s membership was limited to 25 state-owner enterprises. As privatization progressed, the ownership structure of the Council’s membership changed.

On 18 May 2009, a meeting of the founding members of the Association of Employers Polish Spirits Industry was held. At the meeting, the decision was made to establish a new organization: Association of Employers Polish Spirits Industry (ZP PPS).

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