5th Spirits Summit

2018 november

Spirits have a chance to become one of the locomotives of the Polish economy. Industry not only contributes to the state budget, but also provides the number of jobs and has strong influence on several sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, or the contribution to building a positive balance of trade in our country. Its role in social education is also important by creating a culture of responsible alcohol consumption. Such conclusions can be drawn after the 5th Spirits Summit, which took place on November 13 this year, at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Opportunities for the industry were discussed during the debate "Spirits in the economy", attended by: Chief Superintendent Piotr Walczak - Undersecretary of State, Deputy Head of the National Revenue Administration, Jerzy Dąbrowski - Director of the Department of Agricultural Markets at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Andrzej Szumowski, Chairman of the General Council of ZP PPS and Tomasz Wróblewski, President of the Warsaw Enterprise Institute.

An introduction to the debate was provided by an international guest - Ulrich Adam, General Director of Spirits Europe. He presented global trends in the industry. The value of alcohol exports in EU countries is growing, and the main sales are on third country markets - in the USA, China, Russia or Canada. According to data provided by Ulrich Adam, one of the largest excise duties in the EU is paid in Poland.

During the event, high innovation of companies producing spirits was also highlighted. It can be seen in caring for responsible alcohol consumption. The industry runs educational programs for over a decade, they were all presented in the film "10 years of educational activities of the spirits industry". One of the examples is the campaign "Better start for your child", with an objective to raise awareness among future moms that any amount of alcohol consumed during pregnancy can harm their child. The second discussion panel was devoted precisely to the role of the industry in social education and the following took part: Aneta Jóźwicka - Chairwoman of the Social Responsibility Committee of the PPS, Fr. dr hab. Kazimierz Pierzchała - prof. KUL, dr Adam Kłodecki - psychotherapist, addiction treatment specialist and Paweł Błasiak - President of WOPR, partner of the Swimming Without Alcohol campaign.

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