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Poles and alcohol

Alcohol consumption as compared to the European Union

In terms of alcohol consumption, Poland ranks 19th in Europe. Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Latvia rank at the top, with above-average consumption also recorded in Western countries such as France, Austria, and Germany. Average alcohol consumption in Europe is 10.7 litres per capita.

Adult (15+) pure alcohol consumption in the EU per capita, in litres

Source: WHO HFA-DE


Shifting preferences

Over the last three decades, the structure and pattern of alcohol consumption in Poland have both changed drastically. Beer consumption went up, while the consumption of spirits and wines decreased. Since 1998, vodka’s prevalence has been replaced by beer. The popularity of grape-derived wines has decreased, and beer continues to have a dominant position on the alcohol market.

Alcohol consumption per capita, in litres of pure alcohol


Source: PARPA (State Agency for the Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problems) based on GUS (Central Statistical Office)


Structure of consumption

During the last year, the average Pole drank:

  • 5.9 litres of wine
  • 7.49 litres of vodka and other spirits
  • 99.16 litres of beer
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