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In pursuit of highest ethical standards in business, the spirits industry has been self-regulating for several years. Aware of the nature of the products they offer, members of ZP PPS have imposed on themselves restrictions that go far beyond legal requirements or statutory duties.

Code of Good Marketing Practice

In 2011, Code of Good Marketing Practice was adopted. In line with the Code, promotion of spirits drink must be carried out in full compliance with the law and good social customs, and may not in any way encourage irresponsible alcohol consumption or alcohol abuse. In 2012, procedural rules to accompany the Code were adopted. The procedure also specifies the course of action if the Code is violated by its signatory. If a violation occurs, members may decide to expel the violating party from ZP PPS.

Responsible Drinking Messages (RDMs)

On the initiative of ZP PPS, in 2012 members of ZP PPS signed a declaration on labelling alcoholic beverages with Responsible Drinking Messages (RDMs). In the declaration, its signatories undertook to place RDMs by the end of 2015 on the labels of all spirits products marketed in Poland. The information may be displayed as a website address (e.g. www.pijodpowiedzialnie.pl) or as graphics.

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